More Choices for Homebuyers

What do San Diego-area homebuyers need to know about the current real estate market? Find out how mortgage rates are impacting local real estate, then reach out for help in deciding the right time to make your move.

National & San Diego Real Estate Market Update

Are you hoping to buy or sell a home before the end of the year? Watch this video for an update on our local real estate market. Then, read our latest blog post to find out about economists’ predictions for the coming months!

San Diego Neighborhood Spotlight: Old Town

chris and danielle in front of the old san san diego sign

Whether you’re visiting San Diego for the very first time or you’ve lived here for years, the Old Town neighborhood has plenty to explore! From restored Victorian homes to sumptuous dining to Twain Fest, Old Town is full of good, old-fashioned fun. Come explore with us in this episode of Live-Laugh-Learn!