Live. Laugh. Learn.

I only got my real estate license because I was forced to, well sort of….
People kept telling me, “Chris you should really be in real estate. You’d be so good at it. You love to teach and help others”. In 2007, I finally took their advice…

Chris Hyatt

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Living in Japan and teaching molecular cell biology, organic chemistry and English as a university professor, allowed me to realize my true passion. That’s in teaching others!

People call me the the “Go-To-Resource” for all things San Diego real estate, or home related questions! Ask me a question and I’ll get you the answer. I just love teaching people in any way I can! Teaching people how to make a wise financial decision with one of their most important financial assets ever, is what keeps me going daily. I just love it!

Being a teacher of various things for over 20 years, including having been a professor in another country for 10 years, enabled me become highly successful at educating others. Being a good teacher, however is only part of what makes a real estate agent successful. The primary reason people seek my assistance with real estate, is because of the high level of service I provide. You don’t hire me to help you buy or sell a property, you hire me to take care of every aspect throughout the process, beginning to end. I don’t care about what you buy or sell. I care about how smart, and appropriate to you your decision is, and the experience you have with me.

I love people, and love helping them. I’ve been in education and customer service my entire working life from 13 years old. After having been a professor at universities in Japan for 10 years, I left for my next mighty adventure, moving to America, and living in California!

Being a flight attendant helped me develop a high level people & customer service skills. These skills have been seamlessly, and completely transferable to the real estate business world. My experience in education and customer service helped me understand how well suited I am in being a Realtor .

Real estate allows me to engage in a career that combined many core values important to my life: engaging with, and helping people execute one of the biggest processes most people will ever do in their lives: buy or sell a home.

If you are planning on buying or selling a property any time soon please follow this advice:

First, take the time to learn about the process so you can make a wise financial decision. Check out my “Buyer Learning Center” with its interactive videos. It will be worth it in the long run. Try to never invest in real estate on emotion. That is a huge challenge, made easier with education.

Secondly, the buying or selling process should be fun! While I think every buyer or seller should call me, lol, it’s important you have someone you trust and that can your home buying or selling experience enjoyable.

Thirdly, don’t forget to laugh. A house is an investment, but it’s also a place to call home and create endless memories. Whatever decision you end up making, make sure it’s one you’ll enjoy for years to come!

Chris Hyatt